Our Board

The Board consists of 5-10 volunteers who are responsible for looking after the interests of the members.  They must all be members of the WSP and have an enthusiasm for promoting clay education and appreciation of ceramics in all its forms.  

In June 2023 the Board consisted of:

Biography coming soon
Biography coming soon

Since school, I have been hooked on clay, and I established my own studio in 2012. I have been a member of WSP since 2003 and find the atmosphere friendly and artistically stimulating, which to allow me to improve.

I enjoy creating distinct textures in stoneware that show the making process. My Raku work is thrown and then polished using burnishing or terra sigilliata. The surface is blackened by plunging the red-hot pot into sawdust soon after removal from the kiln. I constructed by own Raku kiln in 2020.

With porcelain, I create "agateware" by throwing a mixture of differently coloured porcelain bodies. I also used paper-porcelain to make forms out of slabs which are decorated with either woodcuts or linocuts before being assembled.

I have been a member of the Board since 2018, when I became Secretary.

I am a practical, hands-on kind of person, never afraid of a challenge and always willing to help.

I joined West Street Potters in January 2012, re-engaging with ceramics after a decades-long break, and I have been an eager, active member from the outset.

The body of work I have developed draws on my love of the natural world, and I hugely enjoy the interaction involved in teaching, demonstrating and exhibiting.

I am WSP’s workshop manager, and I teach at 318 Ceramics.

Biography coming soon

I feel very fortunate to be part of WSP and love every moment I spend there. Since starting in 2014, clay and creativity has become my obsession. I am very keen to support WSP further and help in any way I can.

I have been a member of West Street Potters for 8 years and attend weekly sculpture and Pottery classes.

I am a member of Farnham Art Society with exhibiting status and was awarded the Henry Hammond Award for Ceramics at their Summer Exhibition this year. I am a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society. I exhibit each year at AppArt in the Spring.

I have been working with clay for about 20 years, when I lived in Reading I was taught by Sue Mundy. I moved to Farnham and joined Katrina’s Thursday evening class, where I have been for 8 years.

Newly retired from 40 years of Teaching I am looking forward to joining Kathy’s Friday morning class. I hope to push my work forward learning new skill and techniques. I might even follow Katrina’s advice to work on a larger scale!

I hand build, mostly in Porcelain, my work is figurative, often abstracted female forms. I am currently exploring smoke firing my work. I have enjoyed my limited experience of Raku and hope to explore it further.

I first learnt to pot in South Africa in 1982 and resumed under Myra’s guidance 8 years ago. I throw mainly bowls.

After retiring from the Foreign Service in 2002, I was a Guildford Borough Councillor for 16 years and still serve on a number of local Boards. I am the Founding Chairman of the Surrey, West Sussex and Berkshire Credit Union.