Bournewood Workshop

A while ago we sent a shout out for volunteers to help Bournewood Nursing Home run a clay workshop for their residents.

Jayne Webley from our Monday sculpture class and Amanda Knight from Thursday mornings, kindly volunteered to attend and went along 3 weeks ago. They gave a demo and helped about 15 of the residents make trinket dishes and pinch pots.

Jayne returned with the finished and glazed pieces a few days ago and they were so delighted with them, saying what a wonderful afternoon they’d had and how much they enjoyed making the dishes. They had been looking forward to seeing the finished work and it was very rewarding.

Thanks for sharing the pictures, what a wonderful experience for everyone. 😊

Jayne and Amanda at Bournewood Nursing Home
The finished pots!

3 Responses to “Bournewood Workshop

  • Excellent job

  • Suzanne Stephenson
    8 months ago

    How marvellous it must have been for the residents to be involved in this!
    Children often have similar opportunities on holiday Projects, but we forget the elderly, who probably missed out on such chances when kids.
    Well done everyone who made this happen! Suzanne Stephenson
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  • katherine mason
    8 months ago

    Fabulous work Jayne and Amanda, super ambassadors for WSP. Thank you.

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