Changing Clay? – Comments Please….

We have recieved some feedback that the Scava Earthstone Professional PF570, which is the white stoneware (blue bags), may not be the most appropriate clay to suit everyone’s requirements.

Before an order is placed for another batch, does any one have any comments, feedback or suggestions for an alternative?

Please let me know ASAP, either by comment to this post or by email

Please also ask people at your class who may not subscribe to the WSP blog.

Thank you.


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  • Helga Nott
    8 years ago

    Dear Rachel -many thanks for your e-mail. I can’t come up with a definite type-name for an alternative clay but it would be good to have a clay with a bit more character and guts than the Scava. Is there a Scava which contains a bit of Grogg ? Bye for now, Helga.

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