Clay Feast | Wed 30th Oct – Sat 2nd Nov, 11-4pm

A reminder that Clay Feast is taking place this week, Wed 30th Oct – Sat 2nd Nov, 11-4pm.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the individual and expressive use of clay to make food for the Banquet.


Swing by our FREE creative workshop ‘Clayfeast’ during half term and help create a banquet of food made of clay. it’s a chance for children and adults to play with clay in a fun and relaxed environment with support with a helping hand from the tutors of West Street Potters.

This is a family-friendly activity but all children must be accompanied by someone over 16 years old. The Farnham Pottery cafe with a full breakfast, lunch, coffee, cake menu will be open as usual.

ClayFeast aims to play with the ambiguity of the word offering topsy turvy events, a marvellous opportunity for a wide and diverse audience to explore the relationship between clay and food through hands-on workshops creating inventive clay’ food’. Heritage, history and ritual will be stitched together through events, exhibitions and shared food. Hosted at a Victorian Country Pottery, ClayFeast will be reigniting a once yearly tradition when clay diggers were paid and feasted at Farnham Castle.

The workshop will not be available for untutored sessions or the collection of fired work by members after Monday 29th October.  All pieces left in the workshop will be covered or put away to avoid damage.

Please do come along and bring your friends and family to join in.  It is a free event and sure to be lots of fun.

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