COVID 19 – Safe to return policy

The nature of the COVID-19 pandemic renders it impossible for WSP to control its effects. Each and every member by attending the Pottery accepts responsibility for their own behavior and actions and agrees to abide by the new rules that have been put in place.

If you have received a positive COVID-19 test, you must contact the pottery as soon as possible:

If we are informed by a WSP Member, Operative or Authority (e.g NHS Track and Trace) that a member has tested positive, WSP will contact those persons who were in the class or vicinity of that person on WSP premises who tested positive at the time. Every person so informed, who was present or may have been in contact must not attend West Street Potters for 14 days from contact date. They should follow the advice from track and trace or other professional guidance on self-isolation.

For the safety of all, any person deemed to be acting without regard for the safety of themselves or other users of the Pottery may be required to leave the premises by any Person in Authority.

We hope you are all well and we are so pleased to announce that we are planning to reopen our regular classes in September 2021. At West Street Potters the safety and well-being of our staff and students takes priority. We have been working hard over the last few weeks to prepare the pottery to re-open, whilst adhering to all government guidelines.

We look forward to welcoming students back to class and ask that they read and follow our new guidelines carefully. We have put in place many infection control procedures as recommended by the government . We cannot mitigate every risk in this new era of the coronavirus.

  • From Sept 2021 all students must provide their own tools, no shared tools will be available with exception of wooden tools such as bats and rolling pins , we will be selling packs of our secondhand tools for students to purchase, students must bring in their own aprons and towels for throwing, disposable blue hand towels will be available at every sink for hand drying. Plaster moulds, extruders , spray guns and the mini slab roller can also be used but each student should take the appropriate care with hand washing and spraying the handles of the equipment with the provided disinfectant spray and blue towel before and after using.
  • Students must only attend their designated class during term time, this is to minimize crossover between classes.
  • There will be no coffee and tea area, but of course you are free to bring your own drink in a lidded cup or flask.The Cafe is open Tuesday -Sat 9am-4pm
  • Food may not be consumed inside the pottery workshops
  • At all sinks soap and disposable paper towels for hand washing and hand sanitizer will be made available to all students and will be signposted across the pottery.
  • We request that all students after using the bathroom facilities spray the seat and flush handle with disinfectant after each use.
  • If any student or staff member reports that they are unwell from a class group, we will follow the government track and trace guidelines that are current at the time.
  • Regrettably any missed classes due to illness cannot be made up or credited.

On the Day

  • Please do not attend your pottery class if you feel unwell in any way.
  • All staff and students must wear a face covering whilst in the pottery, this is mandatory and is for your safety and that of your fellow students.
  • When you arrive please park and get out of your vehicle, whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • Please then proceed to your designated entrance, if you have to queue up before entering please maintain social distancing.
  • Please stop to sanitize your hands upon entering and then make your way to your work station. Once in the studio you must collect any bowls of water and sit down, whilst maintaining social distancing at all times.
  • Once all students are in the studio, they should try and remain seated but when moving around must maintain social distancing. Please make your intentions clear to your fellow students when moving around the pottery and follow the clearly designated pathways.
  • The studio will look slightly different. It is set out to be able to keep all students at the required social distance, but we hope this will not affect your learning experience and your relationships with your tutor and fellow students.
  • The class will operate in 2 groups with designated sinks on each side.
  • When a student sits down at a wheel or workbench they will be asked to wipe over the surface with disinfectant spray and blue paper towel, that we will provide. You will be asked to do this again at the end of the session. This way we will be sanitizing the work surfaces twice and hope to minimize any crossover between classes and students.
  • From September 2021 three students will be able to use the glaze room at a time, this will be with social distancing at all times and clear communications will be needed by each student when moving around the buckets and using the sink, one at a time. The table must be disinfected by students after they have finished.
  • All clay and tools must be taken home after every session.
  • All work must be cleared from the shelves and damp cupboards at the end of term, so that deep cleaning can take place in between terms.
  • If any student becomes unwell after attending class please contact your tutor. We will follow the recommended government guidelines in place at the time.

If you have any concerns about the guidelines above and would like to talk to us in more detail, please feel free to contact us to discuss your personal circumstances.

We appreciate these new rules and guidelines will feel very alien at first but our hope is that very quickly we will adapt to these changes and they will become second nature and of course we will regularly review these guidelines and make any changes or relax any rules as we are advised by government guidelines.

By booking onto our classes or workshops you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as set out in this “Safe to Return Policy” have read, understood and will comply with this Policy.

Approved by the Board of West Street Potters 7/7/20