Crocus Carpet

Hi Kathy and Sheena, thanks for your comments. Think it is just us three who know about this site at the moment, but an encouraging start…..

I was wondering what I would post to start off this blog and then by magic Zoe suggested a visit to Wisley, well the sun did have his hat on today!  Considering it is mid March, the plants are a bit slow to emerge from hiberation….too bloomin’ cold.  However, the crocus’ were glorious and there was plenty of sculptural plants in the glass houses.  Plenty of pottery inspiration…

Crocus Carpet

Great orange/red colour - 'Dave's favourite'

Delicate orchid

Beautiful hanging flowers, to attract hummingbirds

Banana flower

Great structural shape....but smells of rotting meat to attract insects...nice!

'Canker' love this.

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