Eathenware Glaze, Wood Firing – 14th May

Myra (Monday Evening Tutor) has organised an earthenware wood firing for Saturday 14th May.


We are using Thedden Grange’s anagama kiln and will be firing all day Saturday, finishing approx. 4.00pm, a much shorter firing than stoneware.

Earthenware glaze firing in an anagama can be tricky with ash billows, (stoking has to be quiet and controlled), so we will be having ‘saggers’ (protected containers) for half the kiln and leaving others exposed for the ash effect.

Lead based coloured transparent and tin opacified glazes can have a depth and brilliance that you can get no other way.

This is quite a different way of firing from stoneware firing when you need activity and ash development. This is a quieter approach and requires patience and rythmn to stoking.

Anagama’s are designed for ash, so I can’t be certain the ash can be totally controlled, hence the saggers. So come and help us experiment with this unusual way of firing and see for yourself.

There will be a small charge for the wood purchase.

Please leave your name and contact detail on the notice board at the pottery and a stoking list will be drawn up nearer the time.


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