Julia and Emma…on the hunt!

It’s not just the Great Pottery Throw Down that has brought people with a new interest to Farnham Pottery. There are several projects currently underway that members might not be aware of.

An Anonymous donor has given some money for a Mini Pilot Architectural Research scheme that might continue into the future. The Public Art Trust have commissioned a Terracotta Plaque to commemorate Crosby Doors, a local business using clay rather than any other material to celebrate the long history of pottery in this area. Undertaking this means a hunt for clay of the same fired colour as the iron rich local clay now that Selborne Brickworks has closed.

Emma Godden and Julia Quigley visited two Brickworks near Cranleigh and Dorking to collect samples for testing and were shown around both sites. The photos are of Emma and Julia at the clay face, eroding clay – that could be a Rock face – and Leighton withdrawing a white hot brick from the kiln that never stops. The gas bill is £10 million a year !

The project will run until August and the research will be on display at HOD.

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