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Enjoy working with friendly and committed people in this unique building.

Basic tools:

  • Apron, cheese wire, craft knife, rubber kidney, metal kidneys (serrated and plain), 2 paint brushes (soft hair), notebook.
  • Some of these items may be on sale in the workshop and all members are generous with loans until you acquire your own.
  • There is also a pool of unclaimed tools to use.

Clays and Work Identification

  • Clays suitable for all making purposes are for sale from the tutor
  • In addition, reclaimed (mixed) clay (£5 per bag) is usually available.
  • Please take clay home as storage space is very limited.
  • Each class is allocated a symbol to identify work. 
  • Label everything with your class mark to avoid confusion. NO POTS WILL BE FIRED WITHOUT AN IDENTIFICATION MARK (exception for buttons/bead).  Please let technicians know if you have your own personal mark and do not wish to use the class mark, so they can identify your pot.

Progressing Work and Firing

  • Firing Charges are in addition to your Class Fees
  • Monitor work in progress and put on the correct shelf for drying/firing.
  • There are frequent firings and every effort is made to process work as quickly as possible.
  • When your work has been fired, weigh it and enter the weight on your page in the class folder, calculate the price from the ready reckoner table.

At the end of each term total the costs and pay for your work.

  • The firing charge covers the cost of glaze materials, electricity and gas for biscuit and glaze firings.

Health and Safety issues

In order for the tutors to respond and make your experience in class an enjoyable one, please make them aware of any condition you may feel would be exacerbated by contact with clay/glaze materials or the like. They will support you to find the most appropriate way to work. Please be reassured that any information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Clearing Up

  • Clay dust is a health hazard.
  • Please wash worktops and all tools and equipment.
  • Try not to put any clay down the sink – there are containers on both floors for clay waste.
  • Good housekeeping at both sinks keeps everyone happy – and deters mice!


  • A lift is available for wheelchair access and moving work between floors. 
  • The toilet is located on the ground floor, immediately to the right as you enter the main door. 
  • Coat hooks are on the first floor. 


Events are held throughout each year including:

  • Masterclasses and Demonstration Days with visiting potters
  • Raku firings
  • Exhibition of Members’ work – At the end of the Autumn Term

Details of all of these events will be on the Notice Board in the workshop or posted on our BLOG.

Contributions to the blog are welcome.  You can use it to offer any articles for sale, potters tips, favorite tools or glaze combinations.


West Street Potters offers ceramics classes for people of all abilities was set up by a dedicated group of volunteers in 1998 and still operates in this way.

The value of voluntary time given towards this venture cannot be over-emphasised. 

If you are able to offer any help, especially for ‘clearing up days’ please contact:

Click here for a glossary of pottery and ceramic terms