Naked Raku

For those who are watching the Pottery Throwdown, you might like to see that we’ve done it too!

The Obvara technique from the Baltic region was allegedly used to seal the pot surface when glazes weren’t available. The dish shown is held by a UCA student who joined one of our Raku workshops. How did anyone ever decide to throw a pot into a bucket of yeast pancake mix?

The hard boiled egg – a Tea Leaf Egg, mirrors another naked Raku technique. The very black area on the pot is the still unremoved glaze covering a slip that prevents the glaze from permanently sticking to the pot.

It hopefully all stays together through the firing and sawdust carbonising process, but peels off to reveal the patterns left where the smoke has found it’s way through the crazing.

The egg is hard boiled and gently cracked then steeped in a soya sauce, spice mix. Delicious!

Julia Quigley

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