Raku Workshop – “From the Fire into the Pond!”


To inaugurate our new Raku Kiln, arriving in a few weeks time, West Street Potters is hosting an intensive one or two day Raku workshop on June 3rd and 4th, 10.30 – 4.30.  Cost is £30 per day. Please come along for either 1 day or both days.

To book, please email weststreetpotters@btinternet.com or call 07918 666898.

Please bring lunch to share.

Bring your own Biscuit fired ware, or some pieces will be available.

‘Invented by Bhuddists & Brickmakers in 16th C. Japan to equip the Tea Ceremony with poetic utensils – “Raku” means “enjoy”.

Raku sidesteps convention.: ‘In a direct conversation with fire & its effects – one gains a  feel for how ceramic colourants and glazes can interact .

Workshop Features:

  • A variety of unglazed “blank” biscuit-wares to choose from to glaze
  • Introduction & Slides: Raku Past & Present
  • Making our own glazes
  • Firing tests & firing our own pieces
  • Quenching red hot pottery into cold water (optional!)
  • Post-firing oxidation as well as reduction & surface carbonising techniques.
  • Washing & scrubbing to reveal our “buried treasure” glaze colours & crazing!

Steve Carter graduated in Ceramics at W.S.C.A.D. in 1983 & is Potter & Proprietor of the St.Werburghs Pottery in Bristol (est.1991).

Steve makes functional redwares & slipwares, but he presented Raku workshops for 15 successful years until his home-made portable kiln vanished on re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere sometime in the summer of 2002!

Steve is delighted & honoured to be invited to launch the new kiln and a new era of making Raku at Wrecclesham.

You can view Steve’s productions & adventures in pottery on Instagram (www.instagram.com) search for steven.p.carter or go to  www.stwerburghspottery.co.uk

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