The Kiln Club

The Kiln Club is based at The University of the Creative Arts Farnham at the outdoor kiln site at the top of the car park. There is a wood kiln and gas kilns which are used for Raku firing.

Membership runs from January to December and is £20 per year which is for four firings per annum at a charge of £10 per firing, this includes raku glazes and firing instructions and use of the kilns.  The wood firing includes preparation of shelves, packing, firing and unpacking of the kiln. If you join part way through the year the membership is charged proportionally.

Anyone can join the kiln club regardless of experience as long as you have made some work and bring it along (it is best that this is a stoneware or grogged clay body that can be fired to high temperature in the wood kiln and can withstand the thermal shock of raku firing). You can put up to four pieces in for firings (this of course is dependant upon the sizes of the pieces).

See the write up about The Kiln Club and the restoration of the wood kiln at Farnham UCA in the Sept/Oct 2010 Ceramic Review, pg. 18.

For more information or to get involved, see The Kiln Club website.

Gareth and Richard raking the ash box

Sam and Ros stoking

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