West Street Potters, a company limited by guarantee, was set up in 1999 “to continue the tradition of the West Street Potters, an organisation which originated in Farnham some fifty years ago, to advance the skills, knowledge and expertise of local potters.”

Membership – Classes, both tutored and untutored, are held at our workshop in the Farnham Pottery. Payment of the class fee grants annual membership of West Street Potters. The renewal date is deemed to be 1st August.

Council of Management – “the number of the members of the Council shall not be less than 5 nor more than 10”

As at November 2018 the Council of Management has 8 Directors.

Keith Broadhead
Ann Watson
Daniel Pratap
Kathy Mason
Glenda Anderson
William England
Paul Wonnacott

Membership of West Street Potters is a requirement for appointment or election to the Board of Directors. All have an interest in clay!

Interested in becoming a Director?

We do look to the future and this is why we invite members interested in being more involved, to make themselves known to us, in the first instance at: info@weststreetpotters.co.uk

Interested members’ applications will then be considered at the next scheduled Directors’ Meeting. A probationary period may then be offered, prior to formal proposal at the following AGM.

There are many other matters of interest to members that are peripheral to the core function of classes which allow members to demonstrate their dedication and capabilities, for example demonstrations, exhibitions etc.

The Council of Management is happy for such events to take place and will normally delegate their organisation to specific members.

West Street Potters is a company limited by guarantee. Company No. 3744174

Registered office: 4 Portland Terrace, Hale Road, Farnham, GU9 9QX

WSP Memorandum of Association 2016

WSP Articles of Association 2017