Joining the Board

New volunteers are always welcome to the Board, which needs a variety of skills to run WSP.  There are two main ways in which members can join the Board. 

  1. Co-option.  At any time a member can submit a CV and any other supporting information concerning what skills they can be bring to the Board.  The Board will then consider this application carefully and make a decision within 30 days.   After co-option, the Board member(s) must offer themselves for election at the following AGM.
  2. Election at an AGM.  Any member wanting to join the Board can be proposed by another member (via the Secretary), followed by a vote at the AGM.   The member being proposed must confirm separately that they are happy to serve on the Board.  The proposal must be communicated to the Secretary between 4 and 28 days before the AGM. 

For full details, see para 45 of the Articles of Association 2017 which describes both methods.  The Secretary may be contacted via

WSP Memorandum of Association 2016

WSP Articles of Association 2017

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