Brick Making

You might have seen the brick making on the Pottery Throwdown last Sunday. Our Tuesday evening class member Richard has sent a lovely story of brick making in India when he lived there as a child! Plus wonderful photos.

“Interestingly my first clay experience was making bricks! My father was a doctor in India and he needed some bricks for a new building. So a family of brick makers camped out the back of the hospital, used the local clay and turned bricks out of the moulds to dry in the sun. They were then stacked up to build their own kiln which was fired over several days. (coke, wood, straw etc). I remember women climbing up the side of the part build kiln with piles of bricks on their head. I have just looked back and found these photos, for a long while the brick I made was hanging around.”

The guess is that this is the clamp waiting to be fired, especially the way everyone is swarming up the side with bricks.

What a delightful story!

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