Christmas Pot Sales – Display Cabinet

It fills me with horror to be talking about Christmas whilst it is still October, but thought it best so you can get producing.

Smith & Causey are not holding their usual Christmas Market this year, since our Christmas Pot Shop relies on shoppers from the market we have decided against it this year.

However, do not dispair… has been agreed that from the middle of November and for the run up to Christmas, we will dedicate the display cabinet to members who wish to sell their work… get those ceramic tree decorations made and fired!

I will ask Smith & Causey to put up a notice in the Coffee Shop and Farm Shop advertising the sale of work in the hope that this attracts some interest.

Belinda Gottlieb (Thursday Morning) has kindly agreed to manage the display cabinet sales and the plan is for there to be an outlet for members to sell their work via the cabinet throughout the year.

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