Clay Confidence Building at Roehampton University

Julia Quigley was invited to Roehampton University for a clay confidence building day with ‘soon to be teachers’ . As time was limited ‘slumping’ in wooden mounds and folding clay boxes were the focus of the day. An Ice Breaker of articles hidden under clothes to be interpreted by touch, and made in clay,  was commented on by one student as “realising he lacked a part of his intelligence”

It’s alarming to realise how little experience students have with ceramics. There was enormous disparity between schools (where the students are to taking up teaching) that actively promoted clay based activities and those that treated it as an ‘add on’.

We can only wish them all well in their new careers and know that they had a marvellous day making. Some were so absorbed they stayed through their lunch hour . A few of the pieces made on the day can be seen in the showcase during this week.

Julia Quigley

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