Competition – ‘Painted Pots’

It was hoped to have pictures of pieces made by WSP ready to celebrate the commencement of classes, however, with all the work involved with getting the workshop ready for Sept 1st, the project was put on hold.

In the meantime, Vicki Nigoumi – the name will be familiar from the Nigoumi Hard  (matt) glaze – developed by her husband Siddig, has lent her ‘Painted Pots’ collection. Pieces made mostly by well known makers feature in each painting. You can view it in the corridor at the pottery.

Members are offered the chance to identify the makers, there’s no prize but the winner will be mentioned on WSP social media.

One piece, the tall vase, No. 12 is a mystery to Vicki, she would like to be reminded of the maker.

Do take part if you can. Any form of research is allowed!

To enter or view the price list, contact:

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