Help save art and design education for future generations

All WSP members should be aware of this. We need to invest in the WSP members of the future.

If young people are not given the opportunity to gain a creative experience at school, it will be a tragedy.

Please add you name to the petition – 100,000 signatories are needed before the Government will have a debate. Please alert your friends, relatives, colleagues and anyone you think may feel strongly about this issue.

Don’t wait – act now – the end of April , when this could be implemented – is not far off.


Help save art and design education for future generations

In a report by NSEAD (the National Society for Education in Art and Design) on art, craft and design education in the last 5 years, responses from schools included showing a decrease in the time allocated for art and design; a fall in levels of art and design attainment reached by pupils joining secondary school, i.e. at primary level; and 93% of teachers agreed that Ebacc (the English Baccalaureate) had reduced opportunities for students to select art and design at Key Stage 4 (GCSE).

The Department of Education is planning to make the EBacc all but compulsory in all schools. The Ebacc has no provision for any of the arts or design. If these plans become a reality, there would be little, if any room left for pupils to study creative industry relevant subjects and the arts could be squeezed out of schools altogether. Our future designers, engineers, architects would probably only come from private schools. Is that what we think is right?

A national campaign was launched last year and is still continuing. You can find it at

Almost 78,000 people and organisations – such as the Royal Academy, the Craft Council, various universities, art colleges, drama and music schools as well as businesses – have already signed it. They need 100,000 to trigger a full parliamentary debate. If you agree that all children need a rounded education and the opportunity to develop their full potential, please consider adding your name.

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