Holiday workshop?

Please see message below. If any member is available to help with this request please get in touch with Kathryn directly. Nice thing to do for the local Wrecclesham community if you can.


I am contacting West Street Potters on behalf of St Peter’s Church, Wrecclesham. We have started running a two day summer holiday event for retired people in the locality who find it difficult to go away for a break. The event comprises a range of activities, morning and afternoon, with lunch provided, in the Leverton Hall. Craft activities were popular last year and we wondered if there was any possibility that one of your potters might be able to run a mini workshop session for between approximately 10 to 20 people over the course of 45 minutes? The event is being run on a largely charitable basis with a small donation invited, but we could reimburse the cost of materials at the very least.

The event dates are Tuesday August 2nd and Thursday August 4th, but we would only be looking to run a session on one of these days, probably mid morning.

It would be wonderful if you could help support us in this venture and I hope to hear from you.

Do contact me on my email address or phone on 01252 724366.

Many thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Kathryn Beesley.

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