International Ceramics Festival 2015 – Wanted – Festival Assistants!!

International Ceramics Festival 2015
03-05 July 2015

Wanted – Festival Assistants!!

The International Ceramics Festival is the UK’s leading international ceramics event, attracting over 1000 participants to a series of lectures, practical demonstrations and exhibitions over three days. The focus is both practical and inspirational – kilns are built and fired, pots made and demonstrations given. Guest artists also have their own workspace enabling more in depth discussions and exchange of ideas. Over the years the Festival has built up a reputation for featuring some of the world’s best known ceramic artists and potters.

Being a festival assistant is a great opportunity to take part in this festival and see, meet and work with leading international potters. As well as making friends and meeting like-minded individuals, festival assistants gain skills and experiences. Festival assistants play a key part in the success of the Festival, the work they do may involve them working closely with festival organizers, arts centre staff, trade exhibitors and demonstrators. The jobs required vary widely from physical work to administrative duties, offering opportunities for most people to take part. Application closing date 01/03/2015

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