Julie Ayton – A Graphic Approach

Revisiting prints for inspiration informs most of Julie’s ceramics. Her work, as she generously demonstrated on Sat 4th March, is made to be used. Patterns in nature or textiles or noticed when alert to ideas and recorded in sketch books are vital to Julie’s considered and thoughtful approach to making. She shared her appreciation of the rigorous training received at West Surrey College of Art and Design which gave her the grounding to pursue her ceramic career.

After talking through slides of her own journey and early influences a couple of pots were thrown to be used for raw glaze decoration later.

Now the cafe is open on a Saturday, WSP were delighted to be able to share lunch in the exhibition space with Tea and Coffee supplied by Megan.

All visitors used their pre – prepared tiles or pots to inlay, scraffito and print designs using the simplest of techniques and a black raw glaze supplied by Julie. All Julie’s work is raw glazed and once fired. This saves fuel and time but has other drawbacks which two firings remove.

The method particularly suits her graphic, often  monochrome colour pallet. Lines are scored, filled with glaze then often overlaid with print. As she describes it , ‘like a print slightly out of focus ” . All techniques were avidly used by attendees, often sparking ideas for future use. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the day and enormously grateful to Julie for her inspirational visit.

Julie was presented with a child’s table top wheel ‘ so that she could now learn to pot properly. ‘ It was received in the spirit intended!

Julia Quigley



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