Local Earthenware Clay available

WSP, Pat Boyle, who lives at Rowledge, has some superb clay to give away before the end of term. It’s a low firing, Earthenware clay, suitable for slipware, garden pots etc. The local clay is called Gault   Which matures around 1000 degrees, similar to the clay used at the pottery . However – this clay is clean, smooth and ready to use straight out of the ground – very unusual.

Tests have shown shrinkage to be around 10 per cent. At least 10 – 15 per cent sand or grog needs to be added to prevent cracking when drying.


The images , right to left ; Raw Clay (yes , it’s black !) Biscuit fired and Glaze fired with WSP Green glaze. It’s also been fired to 1100 when it goes darker but still OK.

At Stoneware temp (gas kiln) it becomes a Malteser, bubbly and brittle.

Clay collection dates will be set up if enough members are interested in having some . Contact j.quigley147@btinternet.com if interested.


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