Recrafting Farnham

Have you seen the article on page 2 of this week’s Farnham Herald? It’s about Recrafting Farnham, the initiative organised by the RIBA in the Maltings on Saturday 30 January.

Everyone is invited to come to the Barley Room any time from 10am to 4pm to write down and draw their own ideas for the future of Farnham. Local architects will be there to help – and to show their own revisualisations for Farnham.

If you’ve ever looked at a building or area of Farnham and thought ‘If only …’ then we need you at Recrafting Farnham!

Representatives from the local Councils are keen to attend and learn what individuals in the community want for the town. The local architects will recraft the results of the day to produce a synthesis of the thoughts and ideas. Then, on the evening of 18 April at the Maltings, there will be a chance to talk through the findings and to hear about the latest research into the future housing needs of current 18-34 year-olds, with Robert Adam of ADAM Architecture.

As Recrafting Farnham’s originator Laith Anayi says in the Herald article: ‘The Local Plan and Farnham Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan mean that now is the time to instigate a healthy, proactive discussion on how we as a community can organically grow Farnham.

 ‘How do you want our communities to evolve over the next 30 years? Polar opposite views are allowing this discourse to stagnate: it is far too important for it to be left to others, whose agenda may not include design at all.’

 So – please put both 30 January and 18 April in your 2016 diary! We’re on Twitter @RecraftingF and have a Recrafting Farnham page on Facebook.

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