‘Slip, Slide, Tap’

Dancing with Slip

‘Slip, Slide, Tap’ – playing with fluid clay, was a speedily arranged project at the end of last term, when a member asked “what is the point of slip?”

This was a challenge not to be missed. Coloured slip with the consistency and gloss of melted chocolate was poured on clay sheets and contrasting coloured slips trailed onto the surface. Tap dancing and tilting the slabs distorted the patterns unpredictably – allowing the materials to guide the maker, to communicate and not allow members to dominate the result.

Once leather hard the sheets can be cut and shaped, or laid face down onto a mould and beaten to shape. Photos of the latter part of the process will follow next term. The creative surge offered by the project fired up members, a ‘waiter’ service  of completed sheets filled half a damp cupboard.

Julia Quigley

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