Unexpected and funny end to the deep clean clear out…

As part of The Great Clear Up Julia offered to post unwanted items on Freecycle rather than send them to landfill.

The fridge, old but working was claimed within 5 minutes and 7 requests followed. The collector wanted it to cool his home made beer.

A Projector screen, WSP had 2 and music stand, where did that come from? were claimed equality fast. A mystery circuit of the car park by two guys with gold teeth in a rust sprayed  truck was thought to be a disappointed Freecycle joy rider. The real collector mistook WSP exhibition flags (in a bag) for the screen. When he found out he was very apologetic but couldn’t return the next day as ‘His Ox was in a ditch’ ? Julia replied her Donkey was in a stable, are you talking in code? What do you mean? Googled…it’s an archaic expression that means something urgent has occurred.

The metal materials cupboard was rammed in the back of a car and bumper wired up. Lighting flex was used to secure the other end to prevent it taking his head off as he drove. Told about the Ox in a ditch he decided his expression would be ‘my hovercraft is full of Eels’.

Finally two clip on lamps were hidden on site for collection by an Iranian couple. The email was written in Farsi and English, the wife’s  name was Faria which means Fragrance.

And last of all, but not Freecycled, Space2Grow were donated all the recycled clay to construct a Pizza Oven. There might be an opportunity for collaboration with this marvellous organisation who normally welcome 200 people per week to their garden. School children from London, locals with mental health problems, anyone who wants to garden and has no opportunity. Normally they welcome visitors to drop in but Lock down has of course changed the scenery.


Well done to Julia and the clear up team – Great Job!

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