A project for children at St Peters Primary School

One project that WSP member might like to be involved in is this:

Last September an Archaeologist and parent of a child at St Peters School, our nearest primary school, did some fund raising for an ambitious project that involved the whole school visiting Farnham pottery to make pots in a Roman, Greek and Anglo Saxon Style as well as trying out Chinese high fired Porcelain.

Funding was achieved to do this and build a Romano British Kiln in the school grounds .

Over 16 visits – using both 318 Ceramics space and WSP when available – 16 children at a time will work on pre prepared pots (because of time constraints) some of which will be fired in the historic kiln.

This is where it gets interesting!

Would any members like to practice their repeat throwing skills by making small porcelain bowls that could be cut into with Bamboo tools when leather hard and glazed with Celadon.  The porcelain would be free – kindly donated towards the project by WSP, turning may also be needed.

If interested in getting involved in this inspirational project for young children, please contact  j.quigley147@btinternet.com. There will have to be a trial in order that pieces are up to Chinese standard!

It’s very likely that members will be welcome to help build or visit the kiln under construction, Julia needs to confirm this with the school.




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